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1/14/2019 | 6:14:16 PM
Re: Very interesting concept but it's already the model in the industry
To clarify, Verimatrix announced the new brand to its TV Everywhere authorization solution (recently acquired from Akamai). nTitleMe provides the sign-on functionality for pay-TV subscribers to access apps from individual content providers (think HBO Go). This model has been deployed for years to enable TVE. We are bringing this functionality to the global market in a more operationally efficient way.

Your comment may be referring to Viewthority, which is a connected content distribution platform developed in response to direct market feedback. Content providers and operators are asking for a pre-integrated, end-to-end, platform-as-a-service that includes all of the major encoding/packaging, authentication, DRM, analytics, and watermarking functions.

We certainly understand that some customers have existing workflows or vendors that they will want to leverage, and the component pieces of Viewthority are also offered independently. This typically happens with large Tier I operators that have the existing infrastructure and expertise. We have seen the most need with content providers that want to extend into new markets, which Tier II and III operators can provide.

Our customers are always looking for new ways to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, and it's our job to bring solutions that enable this.

BR, mike
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1/8/2019 | 10:40:53 AM
Very interesting concept but it's already the model in the industry
This model described in the article is already in play in the industry. Verimatrix is proposing that Operators use them to host, deliver, authenticate, entitle and authorize and license key users.  This would require a sea-change in the way operators work with companies like Verimatrix. They will have to throw out a long list of vendors and just rely on one for their entire operations. Hard to know if this will sell well.

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