Jeff Baumgartner 1/23/2019 | 1:39:12 PM
Re: US Trademark Laws Hi Dave, 

I've been remiss in responding to you earlier. Thanks for the heads up on that link and the mention that the database is in need of some updating. 

And it was a reminder to me to go back...Just ran by the USPTO today and do see that NCTA was indeed successful in getting '10G' trademarked -- 




I also noticed that there are some other 10G-related marks now live: 

-'CableLabs 10G Certified' & '10G Certified' (filed originaly by CableLabs) 



-'10G Ready' and 'CableLabs 10G Ready' (also originally filed by CableLabs) 



 Best, Jeff

Clifton K Morris 1/10/2019 | 6:13:35 PM
Re: US Trademark Laws It may need to be registered as a Service-Mark. But sure, the US has a lot of “odd laws” like these. For example, and in every state Im aware, you can’t form or register a company name with the word “bank” in it unless you are a legit financial institution. This didn’t prevent SoftBank.
Clifton K Morris 1/10/2019 | 6:08:35 PM
Wayne Gretzky “Skate to where the puck is going to be”.
davidgrantaustin 1/10/2019 | 10:39:10 AM
Re: US Trademark Laws JB,

1.) Your link to the USPTO posted is missing the "h" in http://, however, the link is invalid even after adding the h as it is session / state specific. Anyone can search the "TESS" database for "10G" using the Basic Word Mark Search. Here is a link that is non-state specific to offer readers: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov 

2.) USPTO database just needs to be updated to remove mention of 10G trademark being LIVE as it was abandoned in 2007 per Serial Registration number 78546508 and is classified as DEAD. The logos and registration company (LLC) are the same as the 78978239 serial number you are referring to.

Best regards,

Jeff Baumgartner 1/7/2019 | 7:04:28 PM
Re: US Trademark Laws We'll see if you have a point there. I noticed that a 10G  trademark for NCTA is not listed in the USPTO database. Today's announcement clearly refers to 10G as an NCTA trademark, but they clarified, after i asked, that they've filed the application and the trademark is pending. In the meantime, I did find that there's already a live trademark out there for 10G...held by someone other than NCTA. I've updated the story to reflect . JB 
briansoloducha 1/7/2019 | 3:41:40 PM
US Trademark Laws Hasn't "10G" been in common use in the communications industry for like 15 years at this point describing transponders that could do OC192 and 10G LAN PHY / 10G WAN PHY? How could this possibly be trademarked?