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[email protected]
12/20/2018 | 10:40:45 AM
Re: Bah Humbug: British English Please!
there's always one that sl;ips through the net.... Happy Crimbo!!

12/20/2018 | 10:14:24 AM
Re: Bah Humbug: British English Please!
I mistook a recent Swallow for an early Spring!

Seasons Greetings!


Moreover, in countries with little fibre deployment, 5G will offer an alternative means to access high-speed broadband.


[email protected]
12/20/2018 | 5:41:41 AM
Re: Bah Humbug: British English Please!
But old chap, to use 'fibre' instead of 'fiber' in our written text (excluding proper names such as CityFibre, which we would not change, of course) would break nearly 19 years of house style... I may be as British as corned beef, bad teeth and inept international relations management (where the UK is now a world leader), but Light Reading was 'Born in the USA' as Mr Springsteen warbled in 1984... 

I would like to point out, though, that the cultural imperialism of the past two decades has not penerated my soul so deep that I would 'mowbl' when talking about radio access technology, though I have punched myself many a time for saying 'rowter' instead of 'rooter'...

But next time I write that a Wall Street analyst asked for more 'color' from the CFO of a listed optical company during an earnings call, please do berate me once more - it's always good to hear from you Colin!! :-)

12/20/2018 | 4:23:24 AM
Bah Humbug: British English Please!
It may be Christmas, but here's a 'bah-humbug' to the spelling in this article.

If you can use 'operators' and 'mobile' in EMEA articles you can surely also use 'fibre' particularly when the lead company here is CityFibre
"Ray Le Maistre

Don't be fooled by the weird cod-French surname: Ray's as British as corned beef and bad teeth"



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