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11/30/2018 | 5:46:46 PM
Re: Urban Areas?

I have seen WISPs that run Gigabit+ to large or high end MDUs already.  There is a lot of work going on in small cells in that space (including new mesh stuff) for suburbs.  I don't think you will see 1 answer for urban and suburban.


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11/30/2018 | 5:03:22 PM
Re: Urban Areas?
For now, they're focused on MDUs because of spectrum limitations. They're operating under special temporary authority in 39GHz for now, with plans to buy a bunch of 24GHz spectrum at auction and move the installed base into that band with no truck rolls. The STA limits the number of sites they can have, thus the  MDUs maximize revenue.

As far as suburbs, there are suburbs and there are suburbs. Some will be dense enough to meet their business case threshold, others not. Also, their capex per home passed is lower than the industry norm because they're backhauling over a mesh network at big savings in fiber infrastructure. 3GPP is working on something similar for 5G. Don't know how scalable that's going to be.
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
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11/30/2018 | 3:33:59 PM
Re: Optimistic?
It's more than fair to be skeptical about any overly-bullish view, whether it's about Starry or someone else, though what I gathered is that they believe Starry has a chance to have some success in their small corner of the market-- they're not going to go out and dominate the broadband services sector in any sense, but they might prove to be an irritant whereever they do end up. 

And these are also the analysts that were majorly skeptical about Google Fiber in its early days when it seemed many others were ready to crown them King of All Broadband, so I give their informed opinions a bit more weight than I might from someone else. 

At this point, I'm also not sure how I would judge their success...What barometer are we going to use? Mere survival before the funds run out (they've raised ~$16M)? Some arbitrary subscriber number? An exit via sale? JB
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11/30/2018 | 2:48:00 PM
Urban Areas?
Aren't most residential buildings in urban areas multi-dwelling units? Unless you consider suburbs to be part of urban areas, I question the economics of Starry rooftop arrays and Beams in lower-density single-family home neighborhoods. 
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11/30/2018 | 2:08:44 PM
Seems a trifle too optimistic to me!

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