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11/30/2018 | 1:45:03 PM
Re: TR-369/USP and Opensync are competing standards
Agreed, though I wouldn't say it's a direct competitor necessarily. OpenSync does a small fraction of what USP/TR-369 can do, particularly when it comes to the things that have already been modeled in the Device:2 data model (that USP re-uses from TR-069). Also, OpenSync is tied to MQTT, and I'm not sure if it's a multi-control point model with access control and security etc (like USP is). Being tied to a single transport rules out the local user control (without needing to go to the cloud) use case. OpenSync was built to fulfill a particular pain point that providers are feeling right now, rather than looking at the bigger picture, much like WebPA in RDK.
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11/30/2018 | 6:36:36 AM
TR-369/USP and Opensync are competing standards
It's basically a competing standard to the Broadband Forum's TR-369/USP protocol that can also be used for cloud communication with CPEs and other devices, e.g. IoT. They will both likely co-exist - USP is backed by Arris and others. But it's only good news for the service providers as it enables them to easily add services to the CPEs without being locked into the CPE hardware manufacturer. The first open-sourced version of TR-369 is expected to be out by the end of 2018, so we'll see what happens.
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11/29/2018 | 2:32:50 PM
No need for a cloud
The reality is that home automation has no need for Internet cloud-based services. I've personally replaced the firmware in the IoT devices I've purchased with open source Tasmota firmware. This provides me with all the benefits (and more) of cloud-based services without the additional dependance / security / privacy / stability issues.


Companies want the data that they can get from IoT, but they are not offering a value in return. In fact, they are even hobbling the devices with a mire of restrictive / limited function apps and flaky Internet backends.

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