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11/19/2018 | 10:54:43 PM
Does anyone want this skeleton of a company?
Finally it seems the end is near.  This latest news is the continuation of a long story of failure since the French purchased RCA in the late 1980s.  Technicolor executive leadership never had a clue how to make a successful company.

Technicolor hollowed out engineering until is was virtually gone.  They let Broadcom eat their lunch, outsourced all the remaining value add to the product, then got squeezed to death between giant ODMs and customers who are determined to crush any of their margin.

For years there has been a steady stream of clueless Execs that seems to come from Alcatel (which is another massive failure of a company).

The executive leadership literally doesn't even know what the products are that Technicolor sells or how the business actually works.  Then there is the rest of the yes men that make sure to tell you they are "idea people".  They "don't get into details".

Most of time Technicolor Executive management was just focused on how they could sell more boxes and get their bonuses by cutting their prices and cutting engineering.

In the unlikely event that the company actually did make a product investment it was not often a failure, but always a failure.  Technicolor would usally take on way to big of an idea with 1/10 the resources they needed or make the wrong technology bet altogether.

When every other business was losing money they would tout their "amazing" patent portfolio which basically consisted of MPEG-LA.  They plucked that patent out of the engineering organization, then never used any money to re-invest in new products that would create new patents.  Technicolor sold their patent porfolio for next to nothing last year.  This is exactly the example of why Technicolor consistently falls on their face.  There is no investment in anything and they just cut cost and suck it dry until it becomes worthless.  

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