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11/13/2018 | 10:29:07 AM
How is this Spam Post Below Still Up?
The service being described is obviously illegal yet LightReading allows the post to remain?
User Rank: Light Beer
11/12/2018 | 11:02:11 AM
OTT_TV Gains Slow
Yes while it is true OTT-TV gains from the big name OTT brand names is slowing; that does not in any way at all tell the real story that is going on behind the scenes; their has literally been an explosion of IPTV service providers that can potentially supply the same kind of comcast cable tv programming for only about $15 to $25 monthly with no contract at all; another bonus is these very same IPTV service providers are in fact offering every potential channel that can be potentially subscribed to; now in my case I am signed up with Clearstreamz as my IPTV service provider; where I get plus 2,600 digital hd channels for a mere $12 monthly and I get all of the HBO, starz, epix, cinemax, showtime, etc all of the potential cable movie premium channels. all of the video on demand content channels, all of the pay per view channel content, all of the sports pass channels for MLB, Soccer, Basketball, Football; all for $12 monthly where I was formerly paying Comcast yep $250 monthly; so now I just pay $70 monthly for Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection(equal to Google Fiber) with 945Mbps download and 905 Mbps upload and $12 monthly for Clearstreamz or $82 monthly a difference of $168 monthly or $2,016 annually in savings, or $10,080 in five years of savings, or $20,160 in ten years of savings or $40,320 in twenty years of savings; but this does not even tell the entire story; since Comcast does something very sneaky and underhanded; Comcast increases its cable tv programming rate by 6% on average every year automatcially so a $250 monthly rate in five years will go automatically in five years to $334 monthly and then $447 monthly in another five years;

so after ten years at $447monthly is a savings of at least now $365 monthly or $4,338 annually; or $21,942 after five years, or $43,885 after just ten years; or $87,770 after just twenty years or $175,541 after just forty years; so I have effectively opted out of all that nonsense buy cutting the cord on Comcast Cable TV altogether entirely and completely; and guess what I have never been happier and my only regret is not having done this even sooner!!!


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