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9/19/2019 | 7:33:45 AM
IDC anticipates that enterprises should invest in their adventures to the cloud, along with innovations based on it. An enormous and expanding segment of this investment will be on multicloud conditions that empower them to move applications, information and workloads crosswise over various environments. Sources to read on the topic: https://www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=71178 and http://forum.yealink.com/forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=75405.
11/2/2018 | 12:51:43 PM
A Great Push
After so many years it could be a strong push towards success. I hope that plan works great after IBM-Red Hat.

10/31/2018 | 6:56:55 PM
Re: One Step Further
@bosco_pcs, as with you I am involved with IBM and IBM'ers and share your assessment.

I think Mitch has hit the mark on this - it clearly is risky, but it may junst "finesse" IBM into the role it sees itself as playing.  Without question it is a clear statement about what it wants to achieve; now the key will be execution - as it always is!

I hope it succeeds, as well as Ginny shows her skills!
10/31/2018 | 1:27:33 PM
One Step Further
As I have argued in another thread on LR, I think this is CEO Rometty's first independent act away from Palmisano's buyback + dividend strategy. This is more in the vein of Gerstner's Lotus acquisition. Granted that it is 10x larger (not including PV of the dollar).

But Gerstner didn't finish the job when he passed the torch to Palmisano. The latter went back to the old IBM insular way. 

While someone responded to my previous post with very good financial argument - too bad he deleted his post later on - this is not just about financial engineering. This indeed may change culture. However, I'd go one step further: this could be a reverse Pac-man strategy, even if Rometty herself is a IBM lifer.

In my career, I have crossed paths with some IBMers. Some were very good; some not so much. It was hard to get hold of the very good ones though. On the other hand, Red Hat's engineers are some of the smartest in the area, even if they don't make too much noise like their SV's counterparts. While Rometty has promised Red Hat's independence, the real hope is the culture shock can also bust up the silos. IBM has a lot of technologies like blockchain. Tons of patents. It just fails to capitalize on them, you have to ask why. Not when they waste time and efforts in financial engineering

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