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11/14/2018 | 8:07:47 AM
WiFi Test
I have heard about this option. I also read about this when I found this option in the Router settings and got curious about this. But later found that it is an exciting and helpful feature to go with. The information provided in this post about the option and the process is very important and helpful. 
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
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10/31/2018 | 9:23:44 AM
Re: Hmm.. strictly speaking not exactly true...
Thanks for the note and the comments. I did in fact read through the details, and it's true that the language they used is that the prototype devices "reliably detected DSRC signals" and that the prototypes were able to detect a co-channel DSRC signal and implement post detection steps... 

But, yes, this is an early step (and one taken a couple years ago, as you mentioned... they are just now sharing those results publicly)... I think it represents just the leading edge of what will be an interesting debate that sets the stage for an anticiapted formal rulemaking process. I'll be curious to read the first round of comments that come in next month, as I imagine there will be some holes to be poked into the results of the FCC's initial tests and help to set the stage on more extensive ones to come.  JB 

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10/31/2018 | 4:11:27 AM
Hmm.. strictly speaking not exactly true...
Hi Jeff - Actually, if you read the details of the FCC's statement on the testing (which is from 2016, btw) nowhere does it say exactly that 'Wi-Fi can operate safely in 5.9 GHz band'. It's a lot less conclusive. It only states that they've confirmed what the various vendors who participated in the tests said they could do, i.e. detection and mitigation processes work. Some folks don't want to see sharing at all - and would rather have that the entire band is allocated to Wi-Fi without forced sharing mechanisms. 

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