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[email protected]
3/12/2019 | 10:53:06 AM
Re: Putting it out there - but what if this was not Ericsson but another company?

How is Ericsson being given a pass by Light Reading? By reporting that it is facing charges of corruption?

Sorry, I genuinely don't follow your point.

3/11/2019 | 3:57:09 PM
Re: Findings of corruption
Please note the spam in the messages from samehfr, and alesasimpson, .
3/11/2019 | 11:19:57 AM
Re: Putting it out there - but what if this was not Ericsson but another company?
Come on !!! 15-20 yrs ago ?? You are doing exactly the same mistake you claim social media would do , not treating all players fairly... Ericsson claimed years and years that Huawei business prcatices are corrupt and now they are caught (alongside other Nordic players) and held accountable for the same and light reading giving them a pass ...
[email protected]
10/19/2018 | 9:50:31 AM
Putting it out there - but what if this was not Ericsson but another company?
This is a smart move, to be talking publicly about this now. It prepares customers, partners and investors about what might come down the pipe and can only be seen as positive by the investigating authorities too....CEO Ekholm could do without this and it's clearly a pain in the ass for him.

But it seems that the judgement might go beyond a 'material' (ie substantial) financial penalty. And include what? Will Ericsson face sanctions? That's hard to imagine - Ericsson gear is so embedded in the US comms infrastucture.

But here's a thought: This update on the investigation into alleged historical corruption has been widely reported in the financial and trade press... that the alleged incidents happened 15-20 years ago helps avoid hysteria. But imagine if this was not Ericsson saying this, but Huawei. My guess is that the reaction, particularly on social media, would be somewhat different. 
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
10/18/2018 | 11:43:33 AM
Ericsson back in profit
Ericsson ended the day 5% up, on a down day for the OMX. It's good see one of the systemically important wireless companies operating at a profit.

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