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10/18/2018 | 5:08:03 AM
History tells us victory goes to the popular choice. Linux was a technically poor and incomplete alternative to BSD but that only lasted as long as they enjoyed a lead in the amount of development tme devoted to the project. Eventually Linux got a lot more support and became the mainstream OS choice. The way things are going now I'd hazard a guess that ONAP will be the Linux here.  
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10/18/2018 | 2:27:19 AM
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10/16/2018 | 9:23:59 AM
A Vendor View

Couple of thoughts.

As a VNF vendor, we have to support all cloud platforms and all MANOs that customers support, unless we want to be excluded from their business. That is, a vendor can't rely on one single MANO solution, or a large part of the market is gone.

As such, if ONAP would rule them all, it would make our life a lot easier (assuming that it works of course).

Sooner or later, a software giant (E///, Huawei, IBM, etc) are going to go to market with a "hardened and supported" ONAP. You can compare it to OpenStack, where the giants all roll their own OpenStack, because the stock "open source" OpenStack is too fragmented.

And the reason you're not seeing this in the market for ONAP yet, is that ONAP is such a beast, and in such a fragmented state, that not even the big guys can get their arms around it yet.

You do see a few vendors embracing OSM this way, but OSM has a much smaller scope.

Will operators get sick of waiting for ONAP to mature and eventually go for something smaller? Hard to say from where I'm sitting. At least we see no such signs right now.

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