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Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris
10/15/2018 | 3:14:40 PM
Most likely Huawei doesnít support Lawful Intercept
Generally, the going rate which the US legal system will often pay is $300- $500/ month for lawful intercept technologies built into the network hardware. Additionally, a one-time fee (sometimes US$300 or more) to install the Pen Register device on a given line. This is serious cash Huawei is likely leaving on the table. LI systems would require telecom hardware meet technical specifications that arenít available to every company.

Absent of LI technologies, some wireless providers across Europe are able to sell wireless LTE services at rates that cost under US $8/month. These plans include 50+ Gigs of data, unlimited local service plus 200 minutes of international long distance. The challenge however, to offering sub-$10/month service is that LI communities, DOD and other intelligence-gathering agencies would have to disclose to Huawei pen register systems standards for lawful intercept, while also ensuring the LI system itself being compromised.

Reminds me of a 60-minutes video where hackers in Germany recorded phone calls of US Congresspeople as their voice traverses SS7 networks. Still, imagine a techno mix of Donald Trump talking on the phone (complete with AutoTune) showing up on YouTube. They say Huawei is bad, but at the same time we have to admit that the SS7 network works exactly in the way it was designed because it hadnít been fixed yet. See: https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/13/15794292/ss7-hack-dark-web-tap-phone-texts-cyber-crime

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