elaineweir 1/18/2019 | 12:50:53 PM
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Jeff Baumgartner 10/10/2018 | 4:00:14 PM
More details John Stankey apparenty brought this up at the VanityFair New Establishment Summit, reiterating that HBO will be the anchor brand for it, along with other content rom the WarnerMedia mix as well as some select third parties. 

But will including HBO content water down the primary HBO service? 

"I think you're going to see a stronger HBO as this product goes forward. However, I don't think HBO singularly, as its own standalone brand, will meet the needs of the scale of audience and customers that we ultimately want to address," Stankey told the crowd, per Vanity Fair. 

Per BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield (via Twitter), ATT's new service will be sold at a "premium" to the HBO standalone offering....and will be sold DTC by existing distributors (so they'll nibble at , and not bite, the hand that still feeds them). JB 



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