godonybrook 11/3/2018 | 5:34:56 AM
Re: And the spectrum sharing? Connect Your Roku Streaming Stick to your choice Choose your wireless business from the list of networks that are available and enter your password and go to office.com/setup.
[email protected] 9/12/2018 | 3:16:53 AM
Re: And the spectrum sharing? Tks galarcon

Yes, that is deliberate.

In this 5G Big Picture puzzle I have tried to show that 5G network architecture considerations go far beyond the RAN and handsets -- to show how many technologies and processes need to be considered by operators as the foundation of their 5G plans and that each of these is important and many are inter-related. So the focus in this Big Picture is on the technologies and processes that will enable an operator to execute a 5G strategy.

Spectrum sharing is a strategic decision and something that can be enabled by the deployment of a set of technologies. Likewise, I have not included network slicing -- that is an important capability that looks likely to be broadly deployed by operators and an important part of 5G strategies, but is also enabled by the underlying technology.

Regulation will, of course, have a massive impact on 5G and one of the most important considerations for operators, alongside business case, competitive threats, market trends, service demand etc but it is not a foundational technology or associated process, hence its omission. 

I hope that makes sense!
galarcon 9/11/2018 | 2:41:37 PM
And the spectrum sharing? In your 20 elements I did not saw neither Spectrum Sharing nor Regulation