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9/6/2018 | 7:06:16 AM
London cellular coverage
-- According to the report, factors affecting London's dismal showing include the large number of tall buildings (calling all city planners and architects: is it time for a re-think in the mobile data era?) and the "vast crowds." --

They have forgotten to highlight the underinvestment by the mobile operators. Is anyone surprised that London is crowded? Did they not notice the tall buildings? It is still a disgrace that voice calls are dropped outside Clapham Junction station while the operators bang on about how great their 5G is going to be.

Priorities, folks, priorities. 
9/5/2018 | 10:02:02 AM
Re: Personalized, contextual experiences
Oh. I was hoping it might have something to do with joss-sticks in a yurt.
9/5/2018 | 9:01:28 AM
Personalized, contextual experiences
For example, you are a regular traveler from Germany to US but forget to buy a data roaming package before setting off so you leave your mobile data off. Next time you connect to the airport basestation in Munich the operator sends you a message saying "Hi Paul, please reply to this text for a cheap roaming deal abroad so you can be always connected".

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