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8/9/2018 | 11:53:40 AM
SD-WAN Leadership
Last quarter they said that SD-WAN was less than 1% of their revenue while MPLS was 14%. It is important to have a strong SD-WAN offering but it is perhaps premature to call it a leadership position. Do they currently lead in MPLS?
3/7/2019 | 11:43:23 AM
Re: SD-WAN Leadership
It's only a claim and one not substantiated by a 3rd party.  Most of the other carriers that have sdwan are likely ahead of windstream, but do not want to claim such nonsense.  It's because sdwan is a replacement service to traditional mpls and why draw attention to being number 1 at something that has an inverse impact on your mpls revenue?  A company without facilities that is selling sdwan over the top of broadband has more clout making this claim.  With ch.11 hanging over their heads now, their customers are concern and the competitors should have an easy time taking business away.  

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