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7/23/2018 | 2:51:35 PM
Re: Final frontiers
It's taking a while, but at some time laws of numbers, debt, etc. have to catch up to Netflix. While it likely has a better cushion (dedicated subscribers) than many others, at some point the debt will need to slow down.
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
7/17/2018 | 11:41:17 AM
Re: Final frontiers
Yeah, that's going to be a big deal when they have slowing growth and mounting debt as they take on foreign markets.

They'll need to pay a dividend, perhaps, and really sell investors on the idea that what they have simply can't be found anywhere else. Be more HBO than HBO. 

I would not be surprised if they started buying foreign studios with content assets just to speed up the process of global expansion.

Netflix has only bought one company to date, a small comic book publisher -- http://www.millarworld.tv/movies.

There are a lot of indie and midsized studios that have reasonably sized content libraries that Netflix could chase in India, China and elsewhere.

Not sure if that's top of mind, but each quarter the execs continue to say that they're "open" to more acquisitions.

7/17/2018 | 11:30:08 AM
Re: Final frontiers
Agree -- one question is how big the debt pile will grow as it tries to gain dominance in those Asian markets. If subscriber growth does level off (which is inevitable at some point), then "investor" attention will turn to other health indicators, like debt levels and profit margins.
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
7/17/2018 | 10:51:19 AM
Re: Final frontiers
If they stick to their guns about not becoming a generic, stream everything company, the only play for them (assuming market saturation in the developed world) is to become a hit-making machine in India, China and the U.S.

They've done a good job in the U.S. Those other two markets will be more challenging but I think they stand a better chance of pulling it off than Amazon or AT&T.
7/17/2018 | 9:48:24 AM
Final frontiers
The Stans are still a greenfield opportunity for Netflix. And the two Mongolias. And our new friends in North Korea. So no need to panic or do something drastic like make your service profitable.

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