kq4ym 7/27/2018 | 9:39:19 AM
Re: Amazon juggernaut keeps on rolling Yes, it does appear that's a real possibility as gigantic Amazon creeps surely into more and more aspects of commerce from socks to white box switches. The advantage of size is something that smaller rivals can't easily address. And note that as Amazon shopping has now reached gigantic heights around the world, prices on Amazon are no longer the best available in the marketplace, but by virtual of it's size and market reach it can still be profitable even when prices are higher than competitors.
Duh! 7/16/2018 | 6:12:11 PM
Commoditization This shouldn't be a big surprise. Amazon has a tendency to colonize adjacent industry segments, and the fact that they make generic networking equipment for internal use points to their going the next step and selling it.


rajesh_bhosale 7/15/2018 | 7:04:11 AM
Amazon juggernaut keeps on rolling

Amazon juggernaut keeps on rolling....now directed towards networking switches HW vendors by using white-box powered forward integration strategy!!! Commodity white-box switches will be bundled with AWS.

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