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7/23/2018 | 3:43:47 PM
Re: Superior work
When companies cut R&D, they often do so at their own peril. Granted, R&D spending might have been too high initially, running too far ahead of revenues. But too often R&D cuts help quarterly profits, but hurt companies in the long term.
7/22/2018 | 10:12:48 AM
Re: Superior work

I think these numbers are much higher than in the past for the Telcos.  Think about how many software engineers that say Google has - 10,000?  How many services are directly developed by Amazon.  Telcos depend on vendors to spend lots of R&D $$.  For the last 15 years, the large Comm Service Providers have been shoving down pricing on Equipment vendors leaving little $$ for return on that investment.  And they wonder why nothing happens to help them do something super new.



7/22/2018 | 7:34:23 AM
Re: Superior work
If the numbers are correct it could also just be a blip in the scenario or maybe telcos don't completely believe increasing R&D will be a major factor in increasing profits and maybe there's some unknown yet change in the business plans or those folks where it's not going to be all the important for put more in R&D?
7/10/2018 | 7:09:46 PM
Superior work
These numbers are very hard to find.

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