Gabriel Brown 7/9/2018 | 7:21:26 AM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! WhatsApp video isn't good quality -- again, I don't have stats, but by to my (untrained) eye they are trading picture quality for reliability, data use, CPU requirements, etc. Mostly, I'm OK with that.
komatineni 7/6/2018 | 6:47:42 PM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! Doubt whatsapp would be happy with 740Kb/min. It's 12Kbps average and even a Webpage is asking much more these days. Assuming the good coverage and speed, 1MB per voice (~130Kbps) and 3MB per video (~400Kbps) is very reasonable. I would say video may take much larger volume if it's a good quality HD call or multiparty call. 
komatineni 7/6/2018 | 6:44:18 PM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! Entirely possible. It may be like wifi 'onloading' but in this survey they're focusing on not 'free' but changing user behaviour. So got to see if i can get my hands on the report to understand the details. 
sarcher60555 7/6/2018 | 6:09:56 PM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! I think your math is way off.  Whatsapp take 740 Kb/min → 740 *60 = 44400 kb/h → 44 Mb/hour.  Heavy Whatsapp Voice user here and never have I even got close to 3GB in a month for my data limit.

"Results vary, but if we assume 1MB per minute for voice and 3MB for video then a 3GB monthly limit would cover 50 minutes of voice or 17 minutes of video each month."
mendyk 7/6/2018 | 9:55:41 AM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! Maybe video calling is like the bucket of iced shrimp on the all-you-can-eat buffet table. If it's "free" most people will load up their plate, even if it looks a little sketchy. But they probably wouldn't pay extra for it.
komatineni 7/5/2018 | 7:17:25 PM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! True indeed. We do use video with family as well as sometimes at work. But if we take Mobile Video, then the chances of intentionally turning it on are not that great IMHO. Office environment - we do use webex / tp with video while on the road it's a phone call (WhatsApp or other VoIP) and not easy feet to keep the phone's camera facing us. 
Gabriel Brown 7/5/2018 | 11:37:40 AM
Re: Unbelievable to me ! I don't know about the numbers, etc, but this is not at all surprising to me. This is now normal consumer behavior. It's the magic of technology.

I make several video calls a month, sometimes per week. For personal use, it's mainly within the family. At work, it's somewhat normal to have your web cam switched on during a webex or skype-for-business session.

Where I agree with James is that the mobile data allowance can be a big deal for some users and is an inhibitor to use. WiFi helps obviously, as do bigger data budles. It feels like WhatsApp (in particular) down-grades the video to save bandwidth and reduce glitches. 

Even for voice I often find WhatsApp as reliable as operator voice and mostly better quality -- maybe this is because my carrier has excellent 4G but doesn't yet offer VoLTE.
brooks7 7/5/2018 | 11:36:55 AM
Video versus Voice  

Mobile subscribers and OTT voice.  I think that most people think of cell phones (aka Mobile Subscribers) and use the voice that is built in most of the time.  That is why it is a cell phone right?

Video OTT.  If I am running a Skype video call while 4G connected, is that OTT.  If so, then are there ANY non-OTT video services deployed broadly?


mendyk 7/5/2018 | 10:16:22 AM
Slice and dice I wonder what the percentages are for mobile users vs. laptop/desktop users.
komatineni 7/5/2018 | 9:28:35 AM
Unbelievable to me ! Well, I won't say surprising but unbelievable. I live in Asia and spend significant time across the region and hardly made/ received/seen a video call. True the samples size (myself - 1 vs Ovum-5000+) is different and I may be totally wrong to say unbelievable but if the survey is real then it's a huge change in consumer behaviour.