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7/5/2018 | 5:35:53 AM
China Mobile Censors Content in the US - Washington Post
The Washington Post has weighed in with a story to fuel the flames...



her's an interesting paragraph:

"Chinese influence in the United States is quite different from Russia's — it's far more difficult to quantify, more sophisticated and more pernicious. The Chinese threat is that Americans will slowly grow accustomed to living in China's world, where censorship and constraints on freedom of expression are acceptable norms."

That isn't a quote from someone the Post spoke to.... that's the reporter's analysis.


But here's a question... when President Trump attacks the media, as he often does ("the enemy of the people" no less), is that not in some way an attempt to constrain freedom of expression? And an effort to influence the populace to believe that the media should not be trusted - only the White House should be trusted?


I digress...
7/3/2018 | 1:22:38 PM
Re: WTO?
It also helps when the "wins" are self-proclaimed and not necessarily wins in fact.
7/3/2018 | 1:10:44 PM
It's a little difficult to believe that an administration unhappy with the WTO would want to use it as a justification for anything...

In any case, the security argument is simpler for the general public to understand, and it is easier to demonstrate success immediately. The current administration isn't known for waiting to get a reward, they prefer a quick tactical win to a long-term strategic gain.

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