Bobby Vassallo 7/3/2018 | 12:46:36 PM
Total Ruse to preserve Rural Telephony for Incumbents As those in Rural Telephony sit and watch, the FCC continues to place roadblocks in the way of small providers attempting to close the digital divide.  This action is one of many to stymie the small ISPs in order to preserve the grossly-underserved customer base for major carriers "when the get around to it."  Growth and education, commerce and innovation lie stagnant in all areas of the US, excepting both coasts.  You can argue that Kansas City and Austin have broadband in good supply and be correct.  Thank you Google, hardly a major incumbent.  

President Trump, if you are paying attention, please revamp the FCC and make it an instrument of the citizens, not a weapon of the major carriers.  Your senate and congress are lobbied into silence with big money.  This change must come from you.  


Bobby Vassallo 
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