Gabriel Brown 7/3/2018 | 3:21:39 AM
Re: Reliance to acquire Radisys They're quite different types of companies. Radisys offers software stacks and R&D services. Radcom is more of product and solution company (albeit in software). So I'm not sure there's a direct comparison. 
microcaptechinvestor 7/2/2018 | 2:27:55 PM
Re: Reliance to acquire Radisys The same reason AT&T should acquire RADCOM (RDCM). Works seamlessly with ONAP and OSM. Control the battle field and become a supplier of software to other CSPs. Use vProbes to run new analytics business. Plus you avoid spending $25M per year to RDCM for MaveriQ software. RDCM worth over $500M in my mind. Discl: long RDCM shares.
Gabriel Brown 7/2/2018 | 10:22:35 AM
Reliance to acquire Radisys Didn't see that coming. My twitter 'hot take'

Didn't see that coming. I guess the logic is two-fold: Jio can better "roll its own" and can better monetize it's innovation via the Radisys sales channel

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