Joe Stanganelli 6/24/2018 | 10:39:39 PM
Re: Maybe overstating the case @Mitch: Not to mention strengthen existing offerings in the meantime -- and possibly even pivot in some areas.

It's got back-office ERP cloud over Salesforce...so that even if Salesforce does eventually get into that business, Oracle may lose some customers but can still hang on as "the original".
Mitch Wagner 6/24/2018 | 4:59:12 PM
Re: Maybe overstating the case Yeah, quoting my favorite tech journalist - me - Oracle's strategy is to migrate its existing customers to the cloud, which will buy it time to beef up its cloud offering to make it competitive with the big guys. It could work. 
Joe Stanganelli 6/23/2018 | 7:07:21 PM
Maybe overstating the case I dunno, I tend to think that, while the cloud certainly lends itself to having vastly dominant players like AMZN and MSFT, there's also enough cloud demand to go around for everyone -- especially as multicloud gains interest and traction.
rocket101 6/20/2018 | 3:32:41 PM
Re: Cloudonomics >>John DiFucci asked how investors could "get comfortable" that Oracle is not "obfuscating >>any cloud weakness."

Oracle is definitely trying to mask decline in Cloud revenue or else why would they not explicitly spell out Cloud revenue vs On-Premise revenue? Its weakness in cloud revenue at Oracle, NOT other Cloud vendors. Hide as much as you want, facts will come out sooner or later. When there is a leak, water always finds a way out. 
mendyk 6/20/2018 | 2:53:50 PM
Re: Cloudonomics Magical thinking -- for when reality just doesn't cut it.
Mitch Wagner 6/20/2018 | 2:50:56 PM
Re: Cloudonomics They say it does. And customers save money too because *jazz hands*
mendyk 6/20/2018 | 2:41:50 PM
Cloudonomics Moving existing customers to the cloud sounds nice, but does it actually result in a revenue gain?
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