tomk78brown 1/13/2020 | 6:35:58 AM
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kq4ym 6/26/2018 | 9:45:18 AM
Re: Operatoring Yes, it would seem that things could get complicated in planning for the factory of the future. Any complications that could create downtime could get very expensive for the operation and not the least bring lots of problems for the factory manager who would have to account for the automations not working as planned.
DHagar 6/13/2018 | 5:47:02 PM
Re: 5G & Factory of Future @mendyk, that's OK - at least you are thinking about the future!
DHagar 6/13/2018 | 5:46:05 PM
Re: Operatoring Gabriel,  excellent analysis and thoughts on the factory of the future, along with the excellent blog!!

I am working on projects with all-of-the-above and I believe your comments about a mixture of open networks and private applications will likely emerge - for the reasons you state that CSN's will not have the capability to provide all the functions industrial automation will require.

I view that as a good thing that will result in new revenues and opportunities as opposed to a win/lose game among providers in the limited services categories.  This is the vision and type of thinking we need to "create" the future!
mendyk 6/13/2018 | 8:56:26 AM
Re: 5G & Factory of Future Armchair innovation is easy. That's as far as I can take things.
mendyk 6/13/2018 | 8:55:33 AM
Re: Operatoring Sounds like a good opportunity for operators, but as you say, right now most of them seem to be heading in the wrong direction. Managed services -- even assuming a high level of process automation -- require a deep bench of skilled professionals. Most operators seem to be focused on headcount reduction. This is going to be a big issue -- read problem -- at some point.
Gabriel Brown 6/13/2018 | 4:48:28 AM
Re: Operatoring Re: the operator role. Very good question.

Short answer is yes, there are big opportunities. Long answer is... it's complicated.
  • Managed-services for private mobile networks will be important. Several types of operator could fulfil this role.
  • If the enterprise uses spectrum sub-leased from an MNO,  there's an immediate relationship. If it uses unlicensed or other spectrum (CBRS bands, say), the enterprise can act alone, but may still want a managed service.
  • Linking on-premises private networks to the wide-area network is an obvious role for an MNO
  • A neutral host provider at a venue could provide services back to the operator, so the MNO doesn't have to build out it's own network

In the factory of the future example, all of the above could apply. Specifically, for production line automation, where you need high availability, low latency, low packet loss, etc., and where the cost of downtime is very high, it could be that the 5G network is integrated and operated by whoever operates the factory machinery and production line. That way you have accountability. At this point, I don't think operators are geared up to meet that kind of SLA.
DHagar 6/12/2018 | 7:04:49 PM
5G & Factory of Future Excellent post and mendyk, we need to team up - you are a great innovator.  This IS the future - we all just need to create it!
mendyk 6/12/2018 | 10:02:58 AM
Operatoring Gabe -- Is there a role for network operators in all this?