kq4ym 6/22/2018 | 8:37:55 AM
Re: Least shocking news of 2018 It still continues to amaze me at the amounts of pay and bonuses the top folks pocket. It would be interesting to hire someone at a more "normal" level and see how company profits and sales change or not. I would suspect there's no correlation with super pay at executive levels and company performance over the long haul.
rocket101 6/8/2018 | 4:23:14 PM
Re: Least shocking news of 2018 NO Marketing guy please who will simply talk.....Let the new guy walk the talk. 
[email protected] 6/8/2018 | 9:22:41 AM
Least shocking news of 2018 This seemed inevitable: Confidence in Gav as the big cheese had plummeted.

The big question now is... who's being lined up for the hot seat?

(Sam Allardyce is available... just saying...)

And the key question is - what KIND of person does BT need as CEO? An accountant? A charismatic figurehead but with no experience of comms services sector? A politician? A former regulator?

Answers on a digital postcard please...

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