Baumbach 2/17/2020 | 12:18:22 AM
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Donna M. Selby 10/26/2018 | 5:02:11 AM
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ChristopherJames 6/29/2018 | 3:35:52 AM
hi It is definitely fascinating to know that we have yet to reach a limit on how far can our smartphones truly go. In my opinion, the smartphone I am using today is already high-tech enough. However, to know that it can actually be stretched further in terms of its technological capabilities, then I am just in awe. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for smartphones in just a few more upcoming years to come.
DanJones 6/6/2018 | 10:07:10 AM
Re: 5Gone Not this time!
Phil_Britt 6/6/2018 | 10:01:41 AM
Re: 5Gone I agree. As you move to each new generation (3G, 4G, 5G, etc.), the improvements will be slimmer and slimmer.
DanJones 6/4/2018 | 11:10:08 AM
Re: 5Gone I think you'll need significantly more speed for AR/VR but a gigabit? Don't know yet...
SystemEn18668 6/3/2018 | 10:03:08 PM
Re: 5Gone Good one Dan, I feel smartphones will be soon thing of past. With AR/VR  we will soon see real life Jarvis coming out of smartwatches. High frequency will add complexities for sure, but do we need Gigabits on phone before we AR/VR is commercial? 
DanJones 6/1/2018 | 9:45:53 AM
Re: 5Gone 2 points:


1. The technology will evolve over time.

2. Many people barely need their phone to be a phone anymore, and they don't need to be streaming super-fast video when they do use it as a phone.

I'm just trying to look at all the possibilities. I can, and will, go deeper on this in the future.
Joe Stanganelli 5/31/2018 | 10:42:29 PM
5Gone @Dan: Starting to sound like the benefits of consumer use cases for 5G are looking slimmer and slimmer -- at least, as things stand right now.