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Sterling Perrin
Sterling Perrin
6/1/2018 | 12:08:21 PM
Re: Life after Ethernet
In this case, it is also operators that are driving MEF in this new direction and they have identified a number of areas that need standardization that were not being addressed. As long as they move where the operators are steering them, I think they will be OK. 

I agree, very ambitious but not necessarily blind ambition.

Companies adapt to survive, and so must standards groups.

6/1/2018 | 9:47:49 AM
Re: Life after Ethernet
MEF has proven to be opportunistic (or adaptable, depending on your point of view) over the years. The vendors that support it seem to like that.
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
5/31/2018 | 10:44:05 PM
Virtual distinctions
Increasing attention is being paid to customizing network security and optimization differently at different layers. Moreover, as far as SD-WAN specifically, I was recently speaking with a vendor who advocated their SD-WAN solution for everything BUT security. Interesting to see these virtualization technologies being parsed out like this.
5/31/2018 | 6:06:59 PM
Life after Ethernet
Wow. I still think of Carrier Ethernet whenever I hear of MEF. But it seems like they are expanding north into IP and south into optical while simultaneously going into an overlay technology (SD-WAN). That is ambitious. 

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