rocket101 5/22/2018 | 5:28:48 PM
What is Rjio trying to achieve? Is it $1.77 million or $1.77 billion??? >>Subscriber growth has slowed after rocketing to more than 200 million customers since >>September 2016 and overseas markets could provide new opportunities.

Any info on how much is the Rjio Average revenue per subscriber per month? They snatched all the subscribers from competitors by giving freebees to the extent that no significant revenue could be realized by Rjio. Wonder how are they funding this loss making operation, could be taking loans from PSU's which would turn into Non-performing assets soon, typical in India [Industrialists and businessman use Public Sector and even Private banks as their personal ATM, take loans with no intention of paying back].


>>Parent company Reliance Industries will reportedly load the Estonian unit some 122 >>million Indian rupees ($1.77 million) to launch operations.

Estonia of all places? Really? $1.77 million is peanuts to launch an operation. Is it the correct number or should it be $1.77 billion? Estonia is so tiny, not sure what will be achieved.  


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