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6/27/2018 | 2:19:41 PM
Fiber-cable could push further
Signal modulation schemes used in fiber optic and cable links have often led technology due to the controlled environment that the transport media provides.  OFDM, for example, was used in fiber-optic several years before it was made part of the mobile wireless standards.  Fiber and cable also benefit from being line-powered rather than battery powered, which allowed early adoption than use in mainstream mobile devices.  

Some advanced signaling methods require that the signaling conditions are made stable and more optimal than can feasibly be achieved at this juncture using wireless as the media.  Among the most adventurous of these methods is the use of non-sinusoidal waveforms such as fractal waveforms.  That method uses the waveform itself as a data encoding mechanism: instead of being a one or zero, the fractal-encoded signal stream would be a massively-oversampled fractal pattern that represents a code or 'word'.  Groups of such words would be transmitted using error correction validation.  That is analogous to using a highly accurate form of short-hand dictation: many times more data would be encoded than today's sinusoidal signaling methods. This example may never happen. However, it exposes why fiber and cable might evolve to use signaling methods that take advantage of the controlled media environment that could go well beyond DOCSIS 4.0/dot next as it is most commonly now considered. 



Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris
5/23/2018 | 5:10:01 PM
Re: DOCSIS dot Next
Not sure what they call it, but perhaps a rebranding is in order... I know people who have moved for FTTH service, only to switch to Cable within 6 months. It seems the FTTH providers lack diversity in their peering agreements.

That’s definitely a strength that could be played up in cable marketing efforts, and in a world where “up-to” speeds are the competition’s marketing norm.
5/23/2018 | 2:08:01 AM
Clearly after DOCSIS 3.1, we need...
DOCSIS for Workgroups 3.11, then...

DOCSIS 95, then...

DOCSIS NT 4, then...

DOCSIS 98, then...

DOCSIS ME, then...

DOCSIS XP, then...

DOCSIS Vista, then...

DOCSIS 7, then...

DOCSIS 8, then...

DOCSIS 8.1, then...


And live updates every so often after that where there's a 25% chance to brick the customer's modem.
Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser
5/22/2018 | 4:05:35 PM
DOCSIS dot Next
What's after DOCSIS dot Next? DOCSIS dot Next-Gen? 

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