microcaptechinvestor 6/23/2018 | 8:12:46 AM
Re: Call RADCOM James. I missed your post. Yes, RADCOM right there in UNICA. The way I understand it — Netscout vStream and vScout is not the same as vProbes for network monitoring — more of a application monitoring solution? At any rate, I expect RADCOM to close two European galaxy operators soon (Vodafone and Telefonica) and 1-2 Canadian operators (Telus, Bell). Things looking pretty good except for these incredibly long sales cycles for NFV.
brooks7 5/18/2018 | 1:52:09 PM
Re: The NFV chicken and egg scenario Actually, there is a different answer...do what IT companies and web giants do.  Hire software people and build your own automation.


HeadOfMa75791 5/18/2018 | 9:29:12 AM
The NFV chicken and egg scenario In NFV, Engineering traditionally haven't cared about operational models, only about getting the core technology to work and unfortunately, NFV has been solely driven by Engineering. They've been in their labs testing their services on this new IT platform, but all they've focused on from an Ops point of view is turning the service on, they haven't looked at the operational use cases that are required to drive costs down.

Because of this, there aren't a lot of tools on the market to solve these problems and we've seen an increase in ops staff and highly skilled experts to take on the end-to-end lifecycle problem. 

From a supplier point of view, there's little venture capital driven innovation in this area because the Operators don't want to go into production because there are no tools to simplify the production, but its chicken and egg. Without the investment in tools for production, there's no innovation. Only by working with the larger IT vendors can the start-ups that can solve the problem, get to market or deliver on the solutions they're creating. IBM's ALM with assistance from Accanto is a good example of this. - Brian Naughton, CTO, Accanto
James_B_Crawshaw 5/17/2018 | 3:29:02 PM
Re: Call RADCOM In other news (buried at this link here) Telefonica has certified NetScout's probes for its NFV architecture (Unica) in addition to Empirix (hidden here). Never fear though microcaptechinvestor, your favourite investment is probably not far behind. 
microcaptechinvestor 5/14/2018 | 9:55:49 PM
Call RADCOM Telus should call RADCOM. Cloud-native tech and pricing model. Best in class being used at AT&T and Verizon. CSPs just whining and not placing bets on the disruptors.
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