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5/18/2018 | 11:41:37 AM
Re: Words of wisdom
Whle they're not "changing their stripes" it makes one wonder what "rebalancing" means and how it's different? Never a dull moment as tactics and business plans seem to change rapidly as technology and competition ramps up at high speeds.
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown,
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5/10/2018 | 3:43:00 AM
Re: Words of wisdom
Vodafone is already an established cable operator in Germany, so Liberty adds to an existing footprint. And makes it a very strong converged operator, if the deal gets past the regulator and Telekom doesn't get it watered down too far.

I imagine Liberty's UK cable business (Virgin Media) would have been more expensive. Colao's big strategic mistake was not aquiring Virgin when he had the chance. In the meantime, Vodafone has been selling unbudled DSL at low cost (and presumably commensurately low margin) to get into fixed line. It is also talking/hinting about backing fiber overbuilders like City Fiber and given what Virgin would cost at this point, this might even be financially astute. This strategy worked out pretty well for VOD in Spain.
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5/9/2018 | 4:43:29 PM
Re: Words of wisdom
What does the UK market need then? How come Vodafone left that on the table? Seems like a much more synergistic fit than more German cable ...
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5/9/2018 | 3:11:53 PM
Words of wisdom
"We all know what the German market needs," said the guy whose company is abandoning the German market after years of trying to succeed in it.

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