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5/19/2018 | 7:07:58 PM
Re: Hmm
The only thing is that there might not be one less competitor. The Administration has let most mergers go through, but is still blocking AT&T/Time Warner. The Administration has yet to opine on the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint deal.
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5/16/2018 | 9:12:43 AM
Re: Hmm
It doesn't on the face of it look like there's a benefit for consumers. making me wonder if regulators give much weight to mergers when they may affect the priing down the road taking into consideration the purported costs savings and technology speedup mergers are said to eventually achieve.
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5/8/2018 | 9:53:24 AM
Re: Hmm
Another reason for Verizon's feigned indifference: One less competitor to keep prices in check.
Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris,
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5/7/2018 | 5:05:05 PM
The strange thing is that Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam said he wasnt very interested in Sprint/T-Mobile. That is likely because Milimeter-Wave Spectrum, once built out, will directly compete with fiber and other telco-grade services.

Itís a missed opportunity because itís Verizonís opportunity to acquire spectrum through divestiture process. But it simply goes to show (once again) that MVNOs exist only to sell excess capacity, and not build new capacity. In 3-5 years, Verizonís LTE Network wonít be able to support Cable MVNOs and the contracted rate will need to be negotiated up in price.

HHI scores (used in AntiTrust and competition analysis in the industry will increase 400 points after a T-Mobile/Sprint merger. So, it makes sense for the entire Cable industry, led by Comcast, Charter and Cox to build their own networks (ask for divestitures) so they can have cost control over services they provide.

Because Verizon isnít interested in acquiring capacity from sprint, it enables Verizon to increase rates while also protecting its investment into 5G fixed wireless services.

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