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10/11/2018 | 4:32:52 AM
Re: A Norm more than an exception
This is what business is all about. You can never stay at the top forever and neither could you at the bottom. There are ups and downs that you would need to practise whether you like it or not. Initially an acquisition simply means that the company is progressing forward, but down the road will that situation last or things could take a turn for the worst? It all depends on what the company is going through and whether or not the business has indeed achieved its goals and reached an ultimatum.
5/3/2018 | 3:27:31 PM
A Norm more than an exception
If memory serves, CSCO bought Pirelli optical for billions at the height of the telecom bubble. Then there is the Tandberg's telepresence. And Linksys is slightly better than Flip. So this is no surprise.

John Chambers used to brag CSCO would dominate the top 3 of any segments it entered but he didn't say what if the segment became obsolete.

Still, he was a reasonable nice guy - unless he got ticked off, like what Cabletron did. And there were some great acquisitions, like the OpenDNS. 

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