Phil Harvey 4/25/2018 | 6:16:38 PM
Re: Weird True, but we're reporting the investigation, so we do owe them right of reply. And, of course, they can't/won't say much given the stakes, but we will always ask.
rocket101 4/25/2018 | 6:06:22 PM
Re: Weird Huawei's reply is NOT needed. Are they buying components from US vendors and selling the telecom gear/phones to IRAN? If yes, than they are in violation of US sanctions policy. You can defend Chinese vendors, but truth needs to come out.
DanJones 4/25/2018 | 5:53:16 PM
Re: Weird Or that the govt. should ban Facebook! Hahahaha.
Phil Harvey 4/25/2018 | 4:29:33 PM
Re: Weird I included the quote because I did find it both fascinating and really far-reaching. As ever with this sort of thing, American companies can be guilty of all the things he's listed, but they'll get a pass.

Also, a programming note: I updated the story with a reply from Huawei.

mendyk 4/25/2018 | 4:10:39 PM
Weird "equipment [that] can allow hostile foreign powers to inject viruses and other malware, steal Americans' private data, spy on US businesses, and more" -- I don't know the context of this quote from Chairman Pai, but on the surface it seems a bit wonky. Inject viruses? Is that how the Intertubes gets infected? The steal Americans' private data point is also odd, given the whole Facebook thing. It's almost like he isn't even trying to come up with reasons.
rocket101 4/25/2018 | 3:20:12 PM
Where are the Huawei Supporters arguing US is afraid of Competition? Where are the Huawei Supporters arguing US is afraid of Competition? Also, Lightreading author  Iain Morris  articles  about Huawei acheivements? What do you have to say now? Please speak up. If the news is true and US Govt. can verify, game should be over. 

Here is what is published regarding the two Chinese telecom vendors. 

ZTE's US suppliers are bracing for a sizaeble revenue loss after Washington banned component sales to Chinese telecom firm. 




Wallstreet Journal:

Huawei Under Criminal Investigation Over Iran Sanctions

The Justice Department is probing whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions related to Iran, opening a new avenue of scrutiny amid national-security concerns over the Chinese technology giant.

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