mendyk 4/25/2018 | 9:42:21 AM
Oversight? I was hoping that Aleksandr Kogan would have made the nominee list. There's always next year.
Phil Harvey 4/25/2018 | 10:04:55 AM
Re: Oversight? My fav thing about him is that El Reg refers to him as "data-slurp boffin Aleksandr Kogan." 

Also, he's not in the poll but he might be in the discussion overall. I think Zuck's a better pick for his overall Zuck-i-ness, but we'll see what the rest of the edit crew says.


mendyk 4/25/2018 | 10:23:20 AM
Re: Oversight? Yeah, Zuckster is the obvious poster manchild for data abuse in general. It's just that he's like a tech Kardashian - I think we've seen enough of him for a long while.
Duh! 4/25/2018 | 11:01:24 AM
Stupid question Who is Ilissa Miller?
Jesigne 4/25/2018 | 11:15:20 AM
Re: Oversight? Yes, I hope too.
Kevin Mitchell 4/25/2018 | 2:07:40 PM
HoF Where is the Hall of Fame? Can we visit it?


Seriously, though do you have a page of all time inductees?
Phil Harvey 4/26/2018 | 4:47:21 PM
Re: HoF Excellent question. 

Here ya go.
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