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4/21/2018 | 9:47:41 AM
Re: Let's play Monopoly
The usual criteria include a complete dominance of market share, behavior that clearly is intended to stifle or eliminate competition, and the ability to control prices and distribution of whatever is being monopolized. Also, questions about monopoly tend to involve resources, products, or services that meet a common need. Based on these measures, regulating FB as a monopoly would make some sense, but not much. FB doesn't hold a monopoly on its users' personal data. The fact that it and Google and Amazon operate from what seems to be a monopolistic mindset doesn't make them monopolies. Just my opinion. 
4/20/2018 | 4:23:30 PM
Re: Let's play Monopoly
Certainly this ain't your grandfather's anti-trust case. That's part of my point, how do we define monopoly now?
4/20/2018 | 2:53:29 PM
I'm sorry, Dan. The highlight is 3 seconds in, when Ted Cruz gets caught in a pick.
4/20/2018 | 2:44:47 PM
Let's play Monopoly
It's hard to see FB (or Google or Amazon) as a classic example of a monopoly, for these reasons: the products or services they provide do not fulfill a basic need, and for the most part there is no "price" attached to those products or services. GDPR or other remedies like it are helpful, but as long as individuals are willing to disclose information about themselves they can only go so far. Ultimately, the value of "data" is going to diminish as more entities trade in it.

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