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TomNolle 4/20/2018 | 9:00:36 AM
Welcome Good to see you back, Phil.
Kelsey Ziser 4/20/2018 | 9:32:16 AM
Welcome back! We're glad you're here, Phil! Will the BBQ budget extend outside of Texas? Eastern NC BBQ is better by the way...should we start a BBQ challenge?
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 10:22:31 AM
Re: Welcome Thanks, Tom!
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 10:25:02 AM
Re: Welcome back! It MUST extend outside of Texas. Who knows? I might even prefer the less sweet side of BBQ and I know the Carolina flavors are a tad more vinegary, savory. So much research to do!
Kelsey Ziser 4/20/2018 | 10:29:31 AM
Re: Welcome back! Eastern NC has a vinegar based sauce (my fav) and Western style has a tomato/ketchup based sauce. The debate between which is better continues to break up families and create marital tenions. The only thing we all agree on is BBQ pairs well with fried okra, mac and cheese, collards, and hush puppies. 
mendyk 4/20/2018 | 10:35:22 AM
Re: Welcome back! So the "seasoned industry journalist" descriptor is literal. How many herbs and spices?
Sterling Perrin 4/20/2018 | 10:45:18 AM
Re: Welcome back! Glad you're back Phil. We must meet up again at Busch Gardens!


Duh! 4/20/2018 | 11:13:14 AM
Re: Welcome back! We don't have civil wars over BBQ up heah in New England. It's all good. But we do have lobstah bakes. Now that's a regional tradition worth defending.

Good to see you back.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:13:46 AM
Re: Welcome back! Three. Salt. Pepper. And Five Spice. Oh, wait. That's seven. Dang it.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:14:55 AM
Re: Welcome back! I wish. My sis-in-law moved to Long Island so now our summer visits must include a long train ride away from civilization into a land with even funnier accents. 

But, thanks. Great to be back.
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