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mendyk 4/26/2018 | 12:26:37 PM
Re: Yeet "That terrible Warren Beatty movie" -- kind of like saying, "that terrible Styx song."
Phil Harvey 4/26/2018 | 10:14:44 AM
Re: Yeet Maybe this guy is playing the drunk Jay Bulworth character from that terrible Warren Beatty movie...
Gabriel Brown 4/26/2018 | 8:56:09 AM
Re: Yeet Good to see you've bought a readership back with you Phil ;)
Big mac the tac 4/26/2018 | 8:08:24 AM
Yeet Wat is up my doob! R U like 50 or somthin, you look old. My Great Grandma was hoarder, she's dead though. R.I.P. to her. Kats are kool, are you a kool kat. yeet yeet, skert!

Wanna here a joke: why did the chicken cross the road?

Because It's a free country!

#Freedom #Merica #Dankmemes #Pranked

P.S: you should dye your grey hair jet black.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 3:07:30 PM
Re: Welcome back! 'sup 7,

Oh, the trouble I get in for writing down what people say out loud. Very pleased to help you reach a state of conditional happiness. 



brooks7 4/20/2018 | 2:31:11 PM
Re: Welcome back! Phil, Phil, Phil....

I am happy as long as you do not tell people that I hate Grandmother's.




Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 12:44:00 PM
Re: Welcome back! Thanks, Duh! 

I've never been to a lobster bake but that sounds like a nice thing to do in between BBQ stops.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:14:55 AM
Re: Welcome back! I wish. My sis-in-law moved to Long Island so now our summer visits must include a long train ride away from civilization into a land with even funnier accents. 

But, thanks. Great to be back.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:13:46 AM
Re: Welcome back! Three. Salt. Pepper. And Five Spice. Oh, wait. That's seven. Dang it.
Duh! 4/20/2018 | 11:13:14 AM
Re: Welcome back! We don't have civil wars over BBQ up heah in New England. It's all good. But we do have lobstah bakes. Now that's a regional tradition worth defending.

Good to see you back.
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