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4/29/2018 | 9:38:51 AM
Re: TR nailed it
The recent changes at YouTube would on the face of it seem to harm their profits as they've eliminated revenue sharing with the folks with less than a thousand subscribers, but on the other hand they've probably guesses they can get revenue from those channels without bothering to share with the creators. And in recent years the amount of creator revenue due to those channels has decreased so dramatically it's hardly worth the effort to create YouTube videos unless you have millions of subscribers.
4/18/2018 | 11:20:29 PM
Re: TR nailed it

Right now there is more discriminatory practice at Youtube than AT&T or Verizon.  They have cut low sub (read new) channels from monetizing.


Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
4/18/2018 | 2:14:28 PM
TR nailed it
Railroads faced a similar problem more than a century ago, and the solution found there would work on the Internet: Service providers can prioritize different types of traffic, but they need to charge the same rate for different companies. 

A service provider could, for example, prioritize video traffic. But it would have to charge the same rate to ALL video providers. No fair cutting a sweetheart deal with Netflix and leaving YouTube out in the cold; the service provider would charge Netflix and YouTube the same rate, but could charge a different rate, with different SLAs, to, say, healthcare providers or gaming companies. 

Those laws were put into place for railroads under Theodore Roosevelt. TR was a pretty smart guy. 
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson
4/18/2018 | 1:47:11 PM
Playing things out in the courts
This is, sadly, where all decision making gets done these days, since Congress can't do diddly. 

That said, I think that after watching the Zuckerberg interviews last week, the subtleties of network slicing or traffic prioritization would be lost on most of these folks, even if they could dig themselves out of their entrenched positions. 


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