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Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
4/27/2018 | 4:30:01 PM
4G and double cheeseburgers
> "He said telecom vendors are obliged to build 5G because 'if you are not doing 5G your customers won't invest in [your] 4G.'"

This is a bit of a fascinating business argument. It's on par with "Have a triple cheeseburger if you want to sell double cheeseburgers." And, to be fair, there is some merit to the argument. (I remember a professor telling me about a Harvard business study where students helped Wendy's sell more double cheeseburgers by telling Wendy's to offer a triple cheeseburger -- so hungrier customers would have a hedge option that allowed them to not feel like a pig.)

At the same time, fast food and tech are a bit different. If a company is hyperfocused on 5G (particularly if they are so focused on 5G for 5G's sake), they may be abandoning their 4G innovation and quality.

4/20/2018 | 6:46:16 AM
5G for Industry
The consumer market with the evolution of Mobile Broadband is the traditional mobile network market and it can be questioned if the additonal bandwdith compared to 4G is really needed. But so far most pipes have been filled.

The other area where 5G could be a game changer is Industrial Communication with Massive Machine-Type Communications and Ultra-reliable Machine-Type Communications. Here 5G targets new market segments. It still has to be seen if 5G can fullfill its promises on topics like low latency and high reliability. A major issue for that area is also public vs. private networks which is currently also under discussion in 3GPP. For certain industrial applications and players private netowrks are a "must" and that means real private networks and not virtual ones using network slicing. Reliable and low latency wireless communication is needed for many upcoming industrial applications like autonomous robots and vehilces. Achieving that in a public network where resources are shared between many applications is questionable. Furthermore factory operators don't want to be at the mercy of Telcos and their plans for 5G network and service roll-outs. 5G private networks with related spectrum would be a game changer.
4/17/2018 | 8:17:25 AM
Promises, Promises
The promises of 5G are likely over-hyped. While it will likely be amazing in some environments -- with all of the other latest, related techologies, in many areas it will not live up to the hype due to weak, related elements of the communications infrastructure.

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