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newstar 4/18/2018 | 2:06:33 PM
Re: Artificially intelligent maybe
angelsong 4/18/2018 | 12:43:17 PM
Re: equal opportunity employment openness is also necessary to the business employers.
angelsong 4/18/2018 | 12:40:35 PM
equal opportunity employment That's important for the employees.
mendyk 4/13/2018 | 2:15:04 PM
Re: All inclusive There were many fine people on both sides.
James_B_Crawshaw 4/13/2018 | 2:10:15 PM
Re: All inclusive The Anglo Saxons were conquered by the Normans. Why settle for Germanic when you could get a bit of Viking? For the avoidance of doubt I am being sarcastic.
mendyk 4/13/2018 | 12:30:31 PM
Re: All inclusive The Internets has helped make hypocrisy much easier to spot. Not that it seems to matter much.
mendyk 4/13/2018 | 12:27:57 PM
Re: Artificially intelligent In 1985, a smart person told me that copy editors would soon be out of work because ... spell check. I wonder if other smart people are now making similar pronouncements because ... automation.
alison diana 4/13/2018 | 12:20:48 PM
Re: All inclusive That is certainly the case: Promoting one's diversity is one of the new business mantras. A more recent and growing one is dedication to equal pay. However, little appears to have changed in the boardrooms or paychecks across much of the world which is where it really counts. 
alison diana 4/13/2018 | 12:18:31 PM
Re: Artificially intelligent Very good, @mendyk. And that, my friend, is why the world still needs copy editors!
mendyk 4/13/2018 | 9:49:03 AM
All inclusive Also, try finding a company that doesn't tout its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. I know of one that does so, and then you go to its executive leadership page...
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