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RobertO'Neill 9/4/2019 | 1:18:10 AM
subject Huawei has been buying only low-tech chips from the US and also used Google's Android in their smartphones. Blacklisting them hurts US suppliers more, than it hurts Huawei.

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andrewkhinkle 7/2/2019 | 1:34:28 AM
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mendyk 4/5/2018 | 3:58:51 PM
Re: Huawei R&D spending Restrictions on Huawei in the U.S. predated Jan. 20, 2017. FYI.
Duh! 4/5/2018 | 12:03:35 PM
Re: Huawei R&D spending You're right that Huawei's R&D is world-class but not world-beating. Yet.

Ericsson's management is wise to recognize the connection between R&D investment and long-term revenues and margins. I've come to regard a 15% R&D to sales ratio as table stakes in the telecom game.

Iain focused on Huawei's two remaining full-line Western competitors. I would note that most of Huawei's strongest technology competition is from smaller but still well capitalized specialists in vertical markets: ADC and Calix in access, Ciena in transport, Samsung in radios. Also, note that with the disaggregation/white box movement, hardware/low-level software value creation is moving down the food chain to the component/subsystem level: the likes of Qualcomm, Broadcom and Acacia.

That certainly raises questions about the long-term viability of the horizontally integrated vendor business model.
Gabriel Brown 4/5/2018 | 6:42:35 AM
Re: Huawei R&D spending In wireless, and mobile networks generally, Huawei now has world class R&D. Its closest competitors know this and respect it -- it would be corporate disaster to think otherwise -- and its customers know this.

I don't think it's streets ahead of the other world class research shops, however. It is in the mix and is making progress. As I mentioned down thread, one issue is how well focused and efficient this R&D is.

In this context, it's interesting to note Ericsson's big increase in R&D. This is something the new(ish) CEO talked about right from the start of his turn-around role. The thing to watch, IMHO, is how focused this investment is on wireless and mobility and how Ericsson can turn it into products and customer deployments.
rocket101 4/4/2018 | 5:02:13 PM
Re: Huawei R&D spending Huawei is like the other team's star player that you hate, but know he deserves to win because he works harder than anybody else in the game


Works harder? Also cheats, steals other companies IP too, right? Why the hell do Chinese need other companies to share their IP if they want to do business in China? Why??? 

Past Presidents did not say a word, shame on them. 
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