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Duh! 4/4/2018 | 1:36:31 PM
Re: Flawed analysis These are all publicly traded companies. R&D to Sales ratio is included in their quarterly reports.
Duh! 4/4/2018 | 1:33:41 PM
Re: Huawei R&D spending Credit where credit is due.

Huawei has thrown a lot of money at bringing their internal R&D capabilities up to world-class standards. As I've mentioned before, they've been hiring up rockstar engineers from their competition, usually folks who had been foolishly discarded in a round of indiscriminate layoffs or corporate political shenanigans. I have specific individuals in mind here. These senior folks have been bringing the junior folks in Shenzen up to speed, and it shows. Have a look through the 3GPP archives, or the OFC conference agenda, and count the number of Huawei authors.

Huawei is like the other team's star player that you hate, but know he deserves to win because he works harder than anybody else in the game.
Whitenoiser121 4/3/2018 | 8:17:06 PM
Flawed analysis Surprised that this is even an article. It has no analysis on rnd intensity of any of the companies involved. 6/10% in rnd intensity is an industry benchmark. Saying Huawei spends more on rnd VS others is a bit like saying India is richer than Singapore. It has no meaning unless specific segments are compared and % rnd spend of total revenues in those segments looked at. Of course there's no data to back that analysis and therefore the analysis finds safety in numbers by quoting press releases. Sad to see this in a tech article??
smartedge 4/3/2018 | 8:07:01 PM
Huawei R&D spending The fact is that Huawei is known all over the world not for its innovation, but for stealing intellectual property and technology from other companies. I wonder how much of this so-called R&D budget of 10-20 Billion will be used for stealth operations to reverse engineer and steal from other companies.
brooks7 4/3/2018 | 3:37:21 PM
Re: The solution Gabriel,

And you forgot Solar....


rocket101 4/3/2018 | 1:32:17 PM
Is LightReading the official news outlet/spokesperson for Huawei?? Is LightReading the official news outlet/spokesperson for Huawei? Lightreading and especially the author of this article seems to publish lot of stuff on Huawei, as if trumpeting achievements of Huawei. 
Gabriel Brown 4/3/2018 | 12:57:11 PM
Re: The solution Worth noting that Huawei R&D is spread across many more areas... HiSilicon, for example, is a full-on semiconductor play that must surely consume vast R&D investment. Ericsson got out of silicon years ago. And then there's the rest of Huawei's expansion plans: devices, enterprise, cloud. Nokia got out of devices, etc.

So I agree they are not directly comparable companies.
mendyk 4/3/2018 | 10:37:11 AM
The solution Western incumbents could use a mulligan. There's little chance that they can climb out of the legacy hole and compete meaningfully with a company that has very little baggage from the past. It's unfair and pointless to compare these companies as though they are on the same footing.
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