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DanJones 3/14/2018 | 2:23:46 PM
Re: Globalism Bcom says today they'll still relocate to the US.
DanJones 3/14/2018 | 12:08:02 PM
Re: Globalism Broadcom says it has formally dropped the bid:


mendyk 3/14/2018 | 9:07:51 AM
Re: Globalism The beauty part of the "national security" block is that it's almost impossible to refute. Kind of like the "I was afraid for my life" defense that has worked so well in police-involved shootings.
gregioffe 3/13/2018 | 8:08:23 PM
Re: Globalism Nah, that was too close to home... a) B percieved by current administration as an aggressive firebrand and had to be whipped in line , B) Too many eggs in one strategic basket if B would gobble the Q, C) The area is too sensitive to DoD and future advances (refer to A and B)
DanJones 3/13/2018 | 6:15:42 PM
Re: Globalism They have said it'll be completely relocated by April 3rd so we will indeed see...
rocket101 3/13/2018 | 2:20:42 PM
Re: Globalism Lets see if Broadcom still relocates to USA, or stays in Singarpore.
DanJones 3/13/2018 | 2:14:10 PM
Re: Globalism Interteresting, thanks!
Gabriel Brown 3/13/2018 | 12:42:41 PM
Re: Globalism Coincidentally, I just read Prisoners of Geography, so I should refrain from commenting as I now think I'm a mini expert on geo-politics. Obviously, I am not. But I could figure out that these things play out over millenia.

The book's perspective a little bit "British public school boy", but worth a read neverthless:


Probably technology and geo-politics would be a good subject for a PhD or a career in the commentariat.
mendyk 3/13/2018 | 12:24:41 PM
Re: Globalism Ex-President Bannon was clear that U.S. economic nationalists consider China the biggest threat. Broadcom isn't based in China, but it's close enough as far as that particular group is concerned. "National security" is a convenient reason for this action, but it may not be the primary reason.
Gabriel Brown 3/13/2018 | 12:10:12 PM
Re: Globalism We had pretty good warning that this proposed deal would be controversial and unlikely to be signed off by the US government.
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