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3/22/2018 | 10:13:52 PM
Re: As John Legere once said- “Sprint Like HELL”
The under 5% figure likely means the company considers this a good investment, but is unsure of taking a larger interest/larger control.
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3/14/2018 | 8:09:00 AM
Re: As John Legere once said- “Sprint Like HELL”
why is this happening
Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris,
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3/13/2018 | 12:53:26 PM
As John Legere once said- “Sprint Like HELL”
I can’t see how this would work unless Charter/Spectum was the controlling shareholder. Sprint made a lot of goofy and silly mistakes in years past. Many of these mistakes damaged Sprint’s brand reputation and allowed T-Mobile to steal customer base and allow T-Mobile to become #1 in gross subscriber additions year-over-year and also #3 in Net Customers in the US. Even with favorable terms, there is almost too much that they have to do to deliver service which would win awards.

It’s almost as if being insulated in Kansas prevents the company executives from making service delivery (something people pay for) a company priority.

A few years ago, I read that Sprint outsourced management of its billing system to the company whom wrote the software. I shook my head when a I read that news article and contract award. If a company doesn’t want to own billing in-house, I’m not sure how the customer service would work, but I imagine the call center training teams are racking up the airline miles. 😜
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3/12/2018 | 4:07:55 PM
Public relations executives are a formal journalistic channel?

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