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3/8/2018 | 5:50:31 PM
Re: Great strategy...
Broad claims of "any data center and any cloud" service might be hype, and we'll see if there's any hit to Cisco's reputation if they can't actually deliver on the "any cloud" promise. Undoubtedly, there's an asterisk somewhere that limits the "any" to "most" or "the ones we've tested, and your mileage may vary with untested clouds".... 
3/8/2018 | 10:05:41 AM
Re: Great strategy...
If Tetration does as advertised proiding security "in any data center and for any cloud," it may be the best thing since sliced bread. But, one has to be a bit skeptical that espcially with IoT development in a huge way soon, there may well be some glitches in that broad claim. But interesting to watch nonetheless.
3/6/2018 | 2:19:24 PM
Cloud PCs are on the way...
The pendulum of client vs server computers originally favored huge mainframes, then personal PCs, and then some (Oracle, Google) suggested that PCs would be hosted in datacenters, but that didn't happen... maybe until now? As low latency broadband becomes more widespread, perhaps we'll actually see more cloud PCs. Blade's Shadow PCs are coming to California.... And maybe we'll finally see the end of viruses spread from poorly maintained home PCs? 
3/6/2018 | 1:46:56 PM
Great strategy...
Malware poses a threat to all clouds, so this is a great way for Cisco to diversify its IP and get into businesses beyond its own hardware and software gardens. But I'm sure a bunch of security firms are also trying to do similar things, so we'll see how the "patent wars" turn out soon enough if this business gains traction quickly. 

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