HardenStance 2/26/2018 | 4:10:26 PM
Yes, well,.... Yes, well, I got one over my maid this morning and left my hotel room looking like an absolute tip when I headed out to the Fira for MWC.

Inconsiderate, no doubt, but - whisper it - I can't say I'm overly concerned about facing her wrath.

Perhaps now we'll be spared any more toe-curling Head of Marketing video love-ins between the two parties to this most grim of arranged marriages. I've seen Iranian and Saudi Arabian police-extracted confessions where the "really, everything's fine" smiles of the accused were more convincing.

The final irony for me is that even taking ccount of Ericsson's heavily depleted state nowadays, I suspect they can still shrug off the latest in a long line of Cisco's woefully inept efforts at cellular radio leadership with the same effortless Swedish superiority of twenty  - never mind ten - years ago. 

Actually, that may not even be the final irony.

The real final irony may be that if his own quoted comments are to be taken literally, Börje Ekholm may somehow not realize that however daunting the pile of problems he faces, competition from Cisco in the radio space really isn't one of them.
bosco_pcs 2/26/2018 | 5:49:14 PM
Now you know why there was no M&A When they announced the JV, it was a near merger. Now you know why there was no merger
[email protected] 2/26/2018 | 7:05:59 PM
Not behind the back The original headlne for this article was

Cisco Goes Behind Ericsson's Back With Open vRAN Initiative


However, it was pointed out that Cisco had informed Ericsson of its plans to develop an alternative radio access network proposition, so the headline was updated so as to not suggest that Cisco had taken this step without informing its partner of the development.
komatineni 2/26/2018 | 7:54:30 PM
It's over honey. Well, it's never a marriage or even a relation except for some corporate top brass. Culturally Ericsson - Cisco are loggerheads and the competition or overlapping areas are aplenty. So guess finally there is some clarity
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