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Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli,
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2/26/2018 | 10:34:51 PM
> reckons it has "lost its edge and become politically correct."

This is a trend I have been seeing notable in tech events of late -- even beyond MWC and the telecom industry specifically. Without naming names, actual technological know-how and business substance have been giving way to sanitized-for-shareability in some arenas.
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2/25/2018 | 8:50:48 AM
Re: The Geneva Convention


You are right about Supercom, I was on show daily staff for six years. Though the numbers were still declining, it was in-fighting among show owners that finally ended the show.
R Clark
R Clark,
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2/24/2018 | 1:11:16 PM
Yes the GSMA has been able to do what its members haven't been able to do, which is put itself at the centre of the mobile economy.

I think it's true the conference has become much more bland.  You can usually skip the keynotes without fear of missing anything.

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2/23/2018 | 11:11:25 AM
The Geneva Convention
Big events like MWC seem unstoppable, until they hit a brick wall -- one that usually is built by the show's owners. Examples include the ITU mega-event in Geneva, SuperComm in the U.S., and Interop. If GSMA can resist the urge to get greedy, MWC probably will thrive even if it loses some relevancy.
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2/23/2018 | 8:56:44 AM
MWC has wings
Good piece about the beast Ian.... your comment about the pilgrimage of so many industries is apt.  I was looking at the conference agenda today and noted there is AIRBUS stage in the associated 4FYN event back at the old Fira.  Even while the delegates get through the late nights and early mornings on copious amounts of Red Bull the show itself seems to be sprouting wings. 

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