[email protected] 2/26/2018 | 11:32:07 AM
Re: Long term vs. short term Very true, if we all knew we would be retired!The variables that drive stock prices especially today, are not as clear cut as they were in the past it is a gamble but with somehat better odds than Vegas!
kq4ym 2/25/2018 | 7:45:45 PM
Re: Long term vs. short term You can throw away hopes of perfection in predicting stock prices, and even the best will not figure out what all manner of variations will affect pricing. This is just another example, that stocks move up and they move down, and it's not a sure bet no matter what even the majority thinks.
Ariella 2/25/2018 | 10:09:48 AM
Re: Long term vs. short term @Maryam that's true. It's like the stock market fall that we had earlier this month. It didn't signify much in the long term because the stock bounced back within the week. To assess a company on its own merits, you have to look at a lot more figures than just the movement of the stock price over a short time.
[email protected] 2/21/2018 | 12:24:12 PM
Long term vs. short term Wall Street is hard to predict at times they are fickle on a company because they are not confident in the overall industry and long-term potential for the technology regardless of current performance. It's best to look at the long-term results and the market variables than a one-day trading surge or dip.